Design by C Williams

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Project Execution

Our process

Project Execution

After the initial consultation and site visitation stages, the execution phase for Design by C. Williams unfolds as follows: Design Development (1-3 weeks): Utilizing on-site photos, measurements, and existing architect plans, our expert team crafts an initial design presentation.

Within 1 to 3 weeks, we provide photorealistic images, allowing you to visualize the renovated space comprehensively. Explore various styles, finishes, wallpapers, and furniture options during this phase.

3D Design Service (Optional): Opt for our unique 3D design service for a fee, enhancing your ability to immerse yourself in the envisioned space.

Presentation and Quotation: Engage in an in-depth presentation of the developed design, where every detail is meticulously showcased. Following design approval, we provide a comprehensive quote, empowering you to make informed decisions on project commitment.

This execution stage seamlessly transforms conceptual designs into tangible, actionable plans, ensuring a smooth transition to the realization of your envisioned space with Design by C. Williams.